Success overall…



The above photos were posted by Geoff* the event coordinator to the organisations twitter. He was delighted to work with both of us from MMU and informed us that previous students had not been such a success story. So it was nice for him to have a positive experience of students contributing. Myself and Chelsey achieved a lot from this experience and we thoroughly enjoyed learning about the organisation as well as interacting with volunteers/clients and contributing to the food bank. It was a success on both parts. We have also gave Geoff* access to both of our blogs so that he is able to read everything that we have wrote before it was published.

When we decided to conduct a mini-ethnography we knew very little about what it actually involved as this was our first time at coordinating a mini-ethnography. However, from analysing the different assignment routes we could have taken, we preferred the mini-ethnography style over the other choices. Once we had chosen this research method we then looked into what ethnography comprised of and what we needed to include. This made us both even more intrigued and we set our hearts on this method.

From this process we both feel that we have learnt a lot about the importance of organisational communication, ethnography, food banks and working together successfully as a team.


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